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Metalworking Lubricant Services (MLS) is a leading engineering consultancy who specialise in implementing 'continuous improvement programs', specifically focusing on 'Wet Waste Disposal Reductions' and 'Metalworking Fluid Consumption Reductions'

MLS specialise in setting up 'Performance-Rewarded Partnership Schemes' with manufacturers, unique to the industry, which correctly incentivise MLS to meet and improve upon manufacturers 'continuous improvement' targets.

Our engineers focus on the resolution of metalworking fluid related problems, with the aid of “Best in Class” products from the world’s leading manufacturers.

MLS take a uniquely pro-active approach in addressing 'Wet Waste Disposal' and Metalworking Lubricant' related problems and their costly inefficiencies through 'Fixing Annual Budgets'.  MLS offer a 'Fixed Annual Coolant Budget' system of purchasing 'Cutting Fluids' / 'Wet Waste Disposal' and services, ensures both engineering and purchasing concerns are equally addressed.

Please browse this website to identify your areas of concern and receive independent information, advice and recommendations on the best cost effective measures available to you.

If you should have any queries or questions, please Contact Us.

Alternatively, if there is a coolant related problem your company is experiencing and you wish to discuss and receive expert advice, briefly fill in MLS' on-line query form below and a member of the technical team will reply with measures and information to remedy your concerns.  A list of typical problem areas can viewed on our Coolant Problems page.

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